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The course

The practical part of the advanced course will take place in one full day's riding, starting in Nottingham at our motorcycle shop then moving onto some excellent roads around the East Midlands, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and surrounding areas.

We will also meet on the previous Saturday for a couple of hours for the following:

  • Coffee
  • Licence and insurance check and administration.
  • Handing out the "Roadcraft" advanced riding manual.
  • Giving out "homework" and advance reading
  • Handing out a pre-recorded video on advanced motorcycle riding.

The period between the initial meeting and the main riding day will give you time to note down any questions that you may have.

On the advanced riding day we will meet up at Beechdale Motorcycles in Nottingham, kit up with the radios and be shown the video equipment that I will be using on the day.

We will start with you observing an example ride, at a slower speed initially, showing the correct lines around bends and I will also provide a commentary over the radios showing you my observations and thought processes. I have had a lot of positive feedback using this method as you can see "live" what I'm doing and thinking.

We will stop at a pub for a working lunch (lunch not included in the course price) where we will talk about Advanced Motorcycling in general and what we have done so far.

The remainder of the day will be putting into practise everything you've learned followed by a de-briefing at Beechdale Motorcycles in Nottingham.

Within a week or so of completion I will take the recorded advanced riding video and edit it into a compressed version. I will also put comments over the advanced motorcycling footage to help your review the ride.

If distance is a problem or time is of the essence, you can video your own advanced style riding or get someone to video you from a following vehicle, send me the video and I will edit it in detail in a similar way to the videos I have on Youtube (check out my links at the end of this website) and post it back to you.

The charge for this service will also include any follow-up questions you may have.

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